Jingle Toons CDs while feeding our kid
Feeding your kid of age between 2-4 is one of the most difficult tasks. However, we realised that our kid cooperates when Jingle Toons' animation CDs are played while feeding. This has really made our life (especially my wife's life) easy. Thanks Jingle Toons.
Mandar Gokhale
26 February
The fruit rhymes CD and Fun with ABC is a gr8 entertainer plus l
The fruit rhymes CD and Fun with ABC is a gr8 entertainer plus learning experience...my daughter is fan of all fruits and there dance n song... and me too!! :) gr8 efforts by the team... thank you..
11 February
Maths Formulas Vol. 02 Maximize

Maths Formulas Vol. 02


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Maths Formulas Vol. 02

  • Divisibility Tests
  • Fractions
  • Positive & Negative Numbers

Mathematics is easy once we understand the basic principles and learn how to apply them in the problem.

Maths Formulas is a unique series useful to the students to understand and learn the concepts and common formulas needed in the academics. The conepts are demonstrated & explained through Animation. The step by step approach used in solving the problems increases the confidence to attempt the problems.

This also can be the good refrence to college students and elders for most of day-to-day mathematical needs.