Jingle Toons CDs while feeding our kid
Feeding your kid of age between 2-4 is one of the most difficult tasks. However, we realised that our kid cooperates when Jingle Toons' animation CDs are played while feeding. This has really made our life (especially my wife's life) easy. Thanks Jingle Toons.
Mandar Gokhale
26 February
The fruit rhymes CD and Fun with ABC is a gr8 entertainer plus l
The fruit rhymes CD and Fun with ABC is a gr8 entertainer plus learning experience...my daughter is fan of all fruits and there dance n song... and me too!! :) gr8 efforts by the team... thank you..
11 February

About Us

Established in 2002, today Jingle Toons is one of the prominent animation studios in India, widely recognized for it's high quality content in the field of entertainment as well as education for children. Jingle Toons originated out of a comprehension that in the rush of all the western cartoon shows crowding the television, today's Indian children need genuine entertainment that will also bestow the eternal values of Indian culture. Jingle Toons has ardently followed this idea over it's journey of growing from a small animation studio to a well known brand.

Today, the high quality content from Jingle Toons is available in 6 different languages in several states of India and in USA. The special mention here is, the Indian parents from USA look at Jingle Toons as an invaluable resource to familiarize their children with their native Indian language and introduce them to the great social and cultural Indian values.

Today, Jingle Toons has a wide range of products mainly divided in two heads – edutainment and entertainment. Having sold hundreds of thousands of copies of its earlier products such as Sasa, Chocolatecha Bangla and Multiplication Table, Jingle Toons has recently branched into producing significant educational material that will help the children from standard 1 to 10 learn topics right out of their school curriculum. This new area of development already promises to be a big success after the launch of a few initial products that have been well received by the children and more so by their parents.

With it's solid plans for the future, Jingle Toons promises to delve deeper into its ongoing activities and continue producing valuable products for the Indian children.